Thursday, January 14, 2010

San Jose CA live with AlarmTrack

The City of San Jose is the 3rd largest city in California. With a population of almost a millon citizens, only San Diego and Los Angeles rank higher. PSI now enables the city to retrieve false alarm incidents directly from their Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. This functionality facilitates prompt billing and expedites customer payments to the city.
Next PSI will create an invoice data export for the city's central cashiering software to further ensure citizens are reminded of their outstanding balances.

PSI is the leader in Alarm Billing Technology. When compared with the most popular alarm software offerings, PSI clearly offers the most features and functionality.

PSI offers a suite of seamlessly integrated products as well to cities from the east coast to the west coast. They are also known for helping cities as small as California City or as large as Oakland, Fresno and San Bernardino.

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