Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fresno to obtain LicenseTrack, PetTrack & Ca$hierCentral

The incumbent HTE system is and has been woefully inadequate for many years. Given the current budgetary situation, efficiency via automation and the ability to collect virtually all outstanding tax revenue is more critical now than ever before!

After reviewing several vendor offerings over a period of more than four years, the city ultimately issued a Request for Proposal which detailed their specific unique requirements.

Vendors were to provide integrated Central Cashiering, Pet & Business Licensing applications that could be tailored to meet all city requirements. During the evaluation process, of the 22 potential bidders and 4 respondents, PSI was the only vendor capable of meeting all their requirements and the majority of their needs out of the box. When taking into account PSI's top rated customer support and automation experience, it soon became clear that PSI was far ahead of the pack!

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