Wednesday, June 25, 2008

West Hollywood Live on AlarmTrack

PSI, in a string of successes, was selected as the best overall fit for the City of West Hollywood's requirements. Items considered were: cost effectiveness, flexibility and ease of use.

Another competitor, HDL, was already entrenched at the city. When they learned of the city's decision to go with PSI, they dramatically lowered their price in a last ditch attempt to change the minds of city staff.
As the value offered by PSI was self evident, the decision to stay with PSI did not waiver.

Once the city tendered all required data and information, in less than 30 days, data was converted, city staff trained and the city went live with AlarmTrack.

During the data conversion, PSI was able to identify unpaid fees that would not have been otherwise identified which is expected to net approximately $1000.

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