Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hemet's credit card acceptance now saves Time & Money

It used to take 2 persons 45 minutes per day to accept phone credit card payments.
Now with PSI's efficient Payment Connector it takes only seconds to accomplish the same task using CashierCentral. The fact the second staffer is NO LONGER REQUIRED makes a good situation even better.
Utility payments were previously subject to an almost 3% fee. Now with the PSI software those same credit card transactions quality for a flat 75 cent interchange fee.
Previously payments were accepted with the banks credit card hardware and then reentered at least one more time into the system that was being paid. Now with PSI one single entry is all that is required. The best feature according to Donna Rowley, Hemet Accounting Supervisor, is that when swiping a credit card, the name is automatically entered into the transaction history without additional key strokes.
Hemet has taken a quantum leap to reap the benefits of technology and plans to go even further by sending utility bills electronically and allowing residents to pay those bills via the internet.

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