Friday, October 18, 2013

Examining the CMRTA 2013 Business License Software Survey

Progressive Solutions has been consistently rated as offering the premiere Business License software for many years as we mentioned in our previous blog post.

In February of 2013,  the City of Carson through CMRTA took a survey of cities asking for feedback  on their Business License Software systems.  Carson is expected to issue an RFP for an integrated software solution that will include cashiering, finance, and business license.

Carson's detailed survey questions below were sent out to over 300 California Cities:

1.  Which software do you use for Business licensing: Munis, Progressive Solutions, or other?

2.  Which software do you use for Business licensing: Munis, Progressive Solutions, or other?

3.  Does the software vendor regularly offer improved features and functionality?

4.  How satisfied are you with the support/help desk?

5.  How satisfied were you with their implementation?

6.  How satisfied were you with the cost?

7.  How satisfied were you with their training?

8.  Do they offer a business license specific user conference? Are you satisfied with their conference?

9.  Do they charge for version upgrades?

10. Do they have a history of successful integration with 3rd party software?

11. Do they charge for new reports?

12. Would you recommend implementation of their business registration/license module?
Cities who utilize Progressive Solutions for their business license software (who found the time to respond) overwhelmingly endorsed LicenseTrack.

Here is what some of our customers had to say:

"The support team is fantastic. They solve all questions and problems quickly and they are very easy to get in touch with…I have nothing but praise for their prompt and friendly assistance.”  City of Monterey

"Third party integration has been very successful on PSI’s behalf” City of Pleasanton
PSI received  no negative responses despite receiving the most feedback.  If you are interested you can contact  to receive the complete survey.

In the future we will exam some past survey results.

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