Friday, September 20, 2013

The City of Antioch and Progressive Hosting

In an effort to cut costs and relieve overburdened IT departments of managing
secure software and database systems, many cities are considering remote hosting for their software solutions. It is unfortunate many web applications are still greatly lacking in the necessary features to run be an efficient choice for finance departments to consider remote hosting. LicenseTrack and the QuickServe Suite of products from PSI have now been proven to accommodate remote hosting!

Remote hosting removes the burden to City's information Technology departments to maintain and upgrade hardware including servers, and software including Windows and SQL and other software which would otherwise be hosted by the City.  Other considerations including the City maintaining their own PCI compliance must also be evaluated.

The City of Antioch recently worked with Progressive Solutions Inc to move their databases and software systems offsite to PSI and run them remotely from the city. Without having to sacrifice any existing functionality in their software system including the ability to directly scan 2 page color documents directly into LicenseTrack, they were able to complete this move in June of 2013.

In an effort to further reduce staff burden the City of Antioch also purchased and had PSI implement Web Renewals with great success.  Special thanks to both Stacy Lucchesi (Executive of Information Technology) and Josephine Castro for their contributions in making this project a successful one.

A partial list of immediate City benefits:
Reduced IT burden
Reduced City risk
No receiving or opening mail if a customer pays via the web, versus via mail (saved staff time and saved trees!)
No waiting on customer at the counter a customer pays via the web versus via walk-in, check or otherwise (saved staff time)
No underpayments allowed via web, all required information IS REQUIRED (no extra handling time for underpayments, missing info)
More compliance as there are now more (convenient) ways to pay (less time required to enforce)
No going to the bank, & money available quickly (saved staff time)
No manual entry of payments (saved staff time)
No potential "lost checks" (whether by the PO or City staff) when a customer instead pays via web (more saved staff time)
No bounced checks (saved staff time)
All freed staff time can be used for further enforcement = even more revenue for City
If our Web Payments Module cost is still an issue, we can implement in logical stages to keep within your budget

Some Benefits to Citizens
Improved Citizen Service/convenience (their time savings)
Reduced Traffic Congestion
Reduced Auto Emissions
Aid the Disabled business  customer Community
Their desire to "Go Green" enabled by the City

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