Friday, September 27, 2013

LicenseTrack The Highest Rated Business License Software

It is not uncommon for a software vendor to boast that it is the "highest rated" solution or that it is "award winning". For example, the interested populace places the highest value on the Olympics principally because judges that are supposed to be impartial evaluate the greatest athletes from around the world when they compete head to head.

While in house customer satisfaction surveys are a great way to help improve a companies software, software surveys conducted where multiple systems for a particular purpose are compared and evaluated by a wide range of cities and users offer the most useful information for comparing systems.

Members of the CMRTA (California Municipal Tax and Revenue Association) every so often conduct software surveys and ask for other cities to answer a questionnaire of different aspects of both software functionality and support.  For business license software in particular, during the last decade Progressive Solutions has earned both the highest ratings as compared to other well known Business Tax Software systems and often the most customer participation.  They are more willing to go public with their thoughts and responses.  Our customers not only like our software but like to tell others about it as well. All published surveys we could find for business license software confirm that: Progressive Solutions LicenseTrack is currently the highest rated business license software system.

We will be doing a series of posts over the course of the next few week covering this years 2013 Business Tax Survey Results and previous years results as well.

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